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Solar For Industries in Tirupur

5 KWA TO 500 KWA

1.Rooftop solar power plants
In grid-connected solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems, solar energy is fed into the building loads that are connected to the TANGEDCO grid through a service connection with surplus energy being fed into the grid and shortfall being drawn from the grid. Production of surplus energy may happen when solar energy produced exceeds the energy consumption of the building. This surplus is fed into the grid. During the night, or when during the day energy demand in the building exceeds solar energy generation, energy is drawn from the grid. Grid-connected solar PV systems have no battery storage and will not work during grid outage. For buildings with grid-connected solar PV systems, the service connection meter needs to be of the bidirectional type, whereby import kWh and export kWh are separately recorded.

A grid-connected solar PV system consists of the solar panels, solar panels mounting structure, one or more solar grid inverters, protection devices, meters, interconnection cables and switches.

Components and parts used in solar PV systems should conform to the BIS or IEC or other international specifications, wherever such specifications are available and applicable.

An energy meter shall be installed in between the solar grid inverter and the building distribution board to measure gross solar AC energy production (the “Solar Generation Meter”). The Solar Generation Meter shall be of the same accuracy class as the TANGEDCO service connection meter or as specified by TNERC. The existing service connection meter needs to be replaced with a bidirectional (import kWh and export kWh) service connection meter (the “Solar Service Connection Meter”) for the purpose of net-metering. Installation of the Solar Service Connection Meter will be carried out by TANGEDCO

Solar PV System Capacity The solar PV system capacity shall not be more than the sanctioned load of the service connection. It is also advisable to have a solar PV system size that has an annual estimated generation of not more than 90% of the estimated consumption

Cost & Subsidy : roof top grid tie ( without battery)
5 KWA TO 500 KWA (1KWA 0N GRID FOR Industries = 85000) roof top grid tie (with battery)
5 KWA TO 50 KWA (5KWA = 1Lakh)